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Tales of a year's study in Birmingham.

One thing jet lag is good for is early morning jogs. This was the view of our flats from across the lake. It’s the honeymoon stage, I know, but I love the Edgbaston landscaping vibe: a slightly orchestrated mishmash of wild shrubbery contrasted by bare, rolling lawns.

Apparently, it’s been that way since the 18th century:

Two plans of Edgbaston survive from this period. The first, by William Deeley, dates 1701 and shows the Middlemore property. The second, by Humphrey Sparry, dates from 1718 and records the whole of Edgbaston parish. Both plans show a landscape of irregular woodland and wasteland typical of the Arden landscapes of North Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

- Edgbaston Conservation Area Character Appraisal, adopted Dec. 1998

Aedas, the architectural firm behind the flats I stay in, meant for the buildings to be “fully sympathetic to the existing registered landscape…retaining the concept of the backdrop.”

On one hand, it’s depressing that the old 1960s halls on site were demolished and replaced, but on the other hand, it’s nice to have a modern heating system.

Now I’m off to get dressed for the shops. I need warmer running clothes!


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