c. 1815

Tales of a year's study in Birmingham.

In putting this anthology together, I found the noir genre flexible enough to accommodate the Filipino flair for the gothic and the world of the supernatural. The modern Filipino can be urbane and cosmopolitan, wear delicate crosses and amulets around his or her neck, go to confessions on Fridays, club-hop on Saturdays, and attend Mass on Sundays, while still believing in hte presence of duendes, kapres, and bloodsucking aswangs. As you will see from this steamy collection of stories, all these delicious contradictions serve to enrich and expand our concept of noir. What you will also find are the noir essentials: alienated and desperate characters, terse dialogue, sudden violence, betrayals left and right. And of course, there’s plenty of mordant humor. And of course, there are no happy endings.

— Introduction by Jessica Hagedorn

Amazon finally sent me this book today. Diving in!


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